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Impressive Features
  • Add Client Services

    To add a client services, tap on the “Add New Client Services” tab. The user will be redirected to the add client services screen. The user can select the service category from a drop down menu, enter service name, client name, cost of service and select employee who will perform the service.

  • Add Service Report

    To add a service, tap on the “Add Service” button. The user will be redirected to the new service screen. The user can add their service name and select the time duration.

  • Add Appointment

    To create an appointment, the user need to tap on the “Set Appointment” button on the “Home Screen”. The user will be redirected to select a category. Then user will be redirected to select a service.  After selecting a service, the user will be redirected to the “New Appointment” screen to select a date and time of appointment and add a new customer or an existing customer. The appointment will contain the name of the client, time of appointment, selected service and amount. The appointment will be displayed on the home screen.

  • Add Employees

    To add a new employee, tap on the “Add New Employee” tab. The user will be redirected to the new employee screen. The use can enter their new employee details such as first name, last name, email address and business phone number.

  • Reports

    The report screen will show weekly, monthly and yearly earnings. The user will have the capability to select the reports from a date range.

We work for ALL business types.

The business types that fall under each category below are as follows:


Banquet Rooms, Cake & Pie Shops, Catering, Candy & Cookie Arrangements, Food & Beverage Delivery Services, Food & Beverage Services and Country Clubs

-Dale, Burger Haven


Stylist, Nail Technicians, Barbers, Wedding Planners, Wedding Receptions & Parties, Weddings, Spa services and Fashion Shows

-Amy, Beauty Nails


Clothing and Accessories, Shoe Stores, Handbag Stores, Boutiques, Bridal Shops and Floral Shops

-Joesph, The Tie Emporium


Medical billing services, medical diagnostic services, counseling and information services, prescription services, rehabilitation services, physical therapist, fitness trainer, athletic trainer, fitness instructor and personal trainer

- Jen, Gold's Gym


Realtors, Construction, Contractors, Legal, Financial, Home & Garden, Landscaping, Automotive, Car Dealerships, Business & Professional Services, Travel, Taxi services, Shuttle transportation services, Moving & Storage services, Storage rental, Hotel reservations, Package Express Services, Computer Training, Educational Services, Business Software, Computer Repair, Internet Services, Software Training, Delivery Services and Plumbers

-Dave, Dave’s Carwash


Concerts, Concert Tickets, Dance Classes, Dance Lessons, Music Lessons, Voice Lessons and Special Events

- Brandon, Balls of Bowling

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